Law Office of Edward M. Sossner
Attorney and Counselor at Law
399 Albany Shaker Road, Loudon Square - Suite 200
Loudonville, New York  12211
Phone:518-463-3600 Facsimile: 518-463-6223
The Sossner Law firm is a full service law firm located of New York State capital city of Albany.  The Firm maintains a diverse practice, providing a broad range of legal services that includes litigation and dispute resolution, commercial and residential real estate, and corporate and commercial transactions. The Firm's clients include emerging and well established businesses, local corporations, private utilities, not-for-profit institutions and individuals.
We use our unique experience, knowledge and proven talent gained through years of effectively representing our clients.  Our representation has included assisting
banks, developers, business and property owners in providing experienced legal representation in all aspects of real estate development, ownership, finance and operation. The firm provides multiple areas of deep knowledge, as well as years of experience working with members of the legal and real estate community. Our overlapping complementary skill sets provide the foundation for working together and with our clients, and our contacts within the real estate community provide the ability to assemble the team necessary for assessing and/or completing any project. Whether we are assisting a client with acquisition, financing, loss mitigation, permitting, litigating, advocating, or documenting, our firm and network gives us each access to different perspectives, experience, and knowledge, and the ability to bring practical solutions to the complexities faced in any matter.

Few other business transactions are as fraught with potential risk and liability, yet hold such opportunities for beneficial return, as real estate development, ownership and operation. Our goal is not solely to secure a permit, close a deal or win a lawsuit, but ultimately to see our clients' projects thrive. Our experience, and our market-based knowledge mean we are there, working with our clients from concept through occupancy.

In addition to real estate matters, the firm handles matters in the areas of commerical law, corporate law and general business matters, will and estate matters, criminal matters & vehicle and traffic matters.

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